Duresta Upholstery

Duresta Upholstery is on show at our furniture store as settees, chairs & footstools. We have Duresta soft fabric covers as well as the Duresta Furniture leather ranges. The collections are made in many difference sizes of sofa, from compact models such as the Duresta Ruskin or Lansdowne, to the larger models with historical references as the Duresta Trafalgar & Horatio ranges. The Leather collections include traditonal leather models like the Raffles & Plantation and the design classics as the Duresta Spitfire & Panther models. We are now also a stockists of the exclusive International collection featuring models such as the Mondrian, Wolfgang, Kubla Khan and the Nureyev.

Many different fabric and leather combinations can be offered on the Duresta collection, as well as many interior specifications such as Feather, Fibre & Supawrap. Wood colours of the legs can also be selected from Mahogany, Anique & Honey Beech,

Duresta Cut Away Chair To maintain the high quality of our furniture we take all aspects of our manufacturing standards very seriously.

All frames are made from carefully selected hardwoods, each being dowelled, glued and screwed for trouble free, long life.

Our standard specification includes coil sprung seating, with all fillings and stuffings being fire resistant to meet the latest government safety regulations.

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Below are examples of more Duresta Models that we can supply, please scroll down to take a look, if any of them are of interest just click the image for more details of that model.
 Duresta Alex Collection  Alex Large Sofa, Small Sofa & Chairs
 Duresta Amadeus Chair 

Amadeus Chair
 Duresta Amelia  Amelia Royale, Medium & Small Sofa as well as reading chair & standard chair.
Duresta Belton Chair 

Belton Chair
Duresta Belvedere Belvedere Gents Chair, Ladies Chair, 2str Sofa, 3str Seater Sofa and Footstool
 Duresta Bentley Leather Bentley Sofa
 and Chairs
Beowulf Sofa

International Collection Beowulf Sofa
Blanchard Collection Blanchard Royale Grande Sofa, Smaller Sofas & Chairs
Duresta Blenheim Sofas and Chairs

Duresta Blenheim Settees and Chairs
Duresta Brighton Duresta Brighton Sofa & Chair
Durests International Collection Brummel Range  Duresta International Collection Brummel Settes and chairs
 Duresta Casterbridge International Collection Casterbridge Large Settee, Chair & Small Settee 
Duresta Chichester

Duresta Chichester Sofas & Chairs
 Duresta Colonial Collection  Colonial Collection from the International range which includes sofas, chairs and corner settees
 Connaught by Duresta Furniture  Connaught Ladies Chair, Gents Chair, Minor Sofas and Grand Sofas
Duresta Dartmouth Dartmouth Leather Wing Chair
 Duresta Devonshire Wing Chair

Devonshire Wing Chair
Duresta Diplomat   Diplomat 3 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, and chair with cushion back or scatter backs
 Duresta Dynasty Chair, International Collection Dynasty Chair & Stool from the International Collection
Duresta Emma Chair 

Emma Chair (part of the Trafalgar collection)
 Duresta Emperor Range in the International Collection Emperor Corner Sofa 
 The Duresta Flavia Chair  Flavia Chair
 Duresta Figaro Chair Figaro Chair collection 
Duresta Garrick Chair Garrick Leather Chair
Duresta Garrick Garrick Grand Sofa, 2.5 Seater Sofa, Garrick 2 Seater Sofa, Chair and Leather Footstool
 The Duresta Gustav Chair  Gustav Chair
 Hepburn Chair by Duresta Upholstery  Hepburn Chair
 Dureata Highgrove Suite  Highgrove Sofas, Gentlemen's and Ladies Chairs.
Duresta Holmes Holmes Grand Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, Chair & Footstools
Duresta Horatio Horatio Scatter Back Sofa and Cushion Back Sofa
Duresta Hornblower Hornblower 3 seater Sofa
 Jenny Loose Cover Chair by Duresta  Loose Cover Jenny Chair
 Duresta Juliette Chaise Longue Juliette Chaise Longue 
Duresta Kubla Khan Sofa
 Kubla Khan Large Sofa and Kubla Khan Chair
Duresta Lanhydrock Lanhydrock Chair & Belton Chair
Duresta Lansdowne Lansdowne Grand Sofa, 3 seater settee, 2 seater sofa & chair
 Duresta Loose Cover London Collection  London Loose Cover Sofa
 Duresta Madeleine Chair  Madeleine Chair 
Duresta Mandalay Mandalay Large and Small Sofas 
Duresta Manolo Manolo Large Sofa & Manolo Medium Sofa
Duresta Maximus Duresta Maximus Grand Sofa and Medium Sofa
 Duresta Mondrian  Mondrian Settees Collection
Duresta Monsoon Collection Monsoon Large & Small Chairs & Sofas
 Duresta Nelson Suite  Nelson Suite, Chairs & Sofas 
 Duresta Nero Chair  Nero Chair
New Elgar Suite

Duresta International New Elgar Suite
 Duresta Nicky  Nicky Loose Cover Sofas and Chairs from the Holland Park Collection
 Duresta Nureyev Sofa Duresta Nureyev Sofa from the International collection 
 Duresta Opera & Amadeus Chairs  Opera Chairs and
Amadeus Chairs
Duresta Pagoda  Collection Pagoda High Arm Settees and Sofas
Panther Leather - Grand Sofas, 2.5str Sofa, 2 str Sofa and Chair
Panther Leather Chair
 Duresta Paris Sofas & Chairs  Paris Large Sofas, Small Sofa & Chairs
 Duresta Plantation Chair   Plantation Chair
Duresta New Plantation Sofa in Fabric Plantation Fabric Sofa
Duresta Plantation New Plantation Grand, Large, Medium, Small Sofas as well as the reading chair and standard chair all in Leather
 Duresta Polly Chair  Polly Chair
 Duresta Portsmouth   Portsmouth Suite with large medium, small & grand sofas as well as chair and footstool
 Duresta Romanov Chair Romanov Chair 
Duresta Ruskin  Ruskin Large Sofa, Medium Sofa, Small Sofa & Chair
 Duresta Sasha Sofas and Chairs  Sasha Settees and Chairs
Duresta Shaftsbury Shaftsbury Leather Chair
 Duresta Somerset & Devonshire Chairs  Somerset Armchair & Devonshire Chairs

Duresta Southsea Range

 Southsea Settee, Sofas & Chairs with or without valance bases
Duresta Spitfire Spitfire Leather Chair
Duresta Spitfire Sofa Spitfire Leather Settees and Sofas
Duresta Stanford Stanford Fabric Sofa
 Duresta Stanford Sofa in Leather  Leather Stanford Sofa
 Duresta Stanford Chair in Leather  Leather Stanford Chair
 Duresta Staunton Collection  Staunton Sofas & Chairs Collection
 Duresta Sunday Chair  Sunday Chairs - Ladies and Gentlemen's Sizes
Duresta Trafalgar Sofa Duresta Trafalgar Sofas and Settees with Cushion backs or Scatter backs along with matching chairs
Duresta Villeneuve Villeneuve Large Sofas  
Duresta Waldorf Duresta Waldorf Grand Sofa, Three Seater Settee, 2.5 Seater Settee, 2 Seater Settee with matching chairs and Astoria Chairs
Duresta Watson Duresta Watson Settee with Scatter Back on Turned Legs & Casters
Duresta Wessex Sofa   Wessex Loose Cover Collection
Duresta Windlesham Windlesham 3 Seater Settee, 2.5 Seater Settee, 2 Seater Settee and Armchair
 Duresta Wolfgang Wolfgang Settee Collection 
 Duresta Xanadu Model   Xanadu Large Sofa Collection
 Duresta Footstools Footstools
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Duresta Upholstery