Guardsman Leather Protection

Leather you can love for a lifetime.

Leather upholstery looks fantastic in the home and over the years, with the right care, the look of the furniture only improves. Whether it be a classic rich country chair or a more modern streamline sofa you can have this covered for 5 years against stains, rips, tears and even those accidental scratches and gouges caused by jewellery, metal watch straps, buckles or even a surprised pet.

Covered are things such as Dye Transfer from Jean & Newspaper, Foods including Curry & Pizza, Drinks including Red Wine & Coffee, Ink, Make-up as well as other spillages such as Waxes, Glues, Painted and even Oils. Also covered on this policy is accidental damages such as Jewelry Scratches or Pet Scratches, Burns and also damage from Keys, Belts & Buckles.

Terms, conditions and fair usage policies apply.

Please ask for further details and we'll post full policy details for you to read, as well as prices. Once you have read the details so if you wish to add Guardsman to your order we can do so for you at that point.