Ruskin Large Sofa, Medium Sofa, Small Sofa & Chair

Product Code: Ruskin Large Sofa, Medium Sofa, Small Sofa & Chair
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The Duresta Ruskin Suite consists of a Large Sofa, Medium Sofa & Small Sofa as well as a Chair and Footstool. Each sofa is supplied with a pair of scatter cushions and the large sofa comes with four scatter cushions which as shown here can be with contrasting fabrics. Leg wood shades can be in Mahogany, Antique, Umber or Ebony and the metal casters can be in Antique Brass, Chrome, Nickel or Brass. All interiors can be altered to give comfort suitable to you. Courtesy arm protectors are supplied with all Duresta upholstery models.

Above are the Ruskin models in Althorp Russett Stone fabrics, with the Stripe version on the chair.

You can see above the Small Ruskin Settee which has a Velluti Stripe on the scatter cushions and coordinates with the paterned lilac fabric. The cushion piping is contrasted to the main fabric to give definition to the design and shape of this Ruskin settee.

Above is the Ruksin Large sofa which features a middle leg at the front for extra strength and design balance.

Thank you for considering the Ruskin Suite from Duresta Upholstery for your home, if you wish to view our stock model please contact us for details. 

And now the Duresta Ruskin is made in leather. Above is the chair from this fabulous collection covered in Palazzo Leather.

Large sofa
Height: 96cm
Width: 225cm
Depth: 100cm

Medium sofa
Height: 96cm
Width: 210cm
Depth: 100cm

Small sofa
Height: 96cm
Width: 180cm
Depth: 100cm

Height: 96cm
Width: 92cm
Depth: 98cm

Height: 32cm
Width: 77cm
Depth: 56cm

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