Duresta Waldorf Grand Sofa, Three Seater Settee, 2.5 Seater Settee, 2 Seater Settee with matching chairs and Astoria Chairs

Product Code: Duresta Waldorf Grand Sofa, Three Seater Settee
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The Duresta Waldorf Sofa & Chair collection is available in many different sizes and on a wide variety of fabrics. As you can see from the specification guide below you can also have the range made with either a valance base, or as the photograph above shows a small polished foot in mahogany, antique, ebony or amber finishes. The range is all made in a large choice of fabrics and with many different interior types and of course because it's Duresta Upholstery the frame of the furniture is made from solid hardwood and has a fully coil sprung seat platform.

Above is the Waldorf Astoria chair from Duresta Furniture. It is different to the standard Waldorf chair as it have the full length arm and a straight edged seat cushion rather then the T shaped seat cushion you get with the recessed arm version.

Above is the two and a half seater sized Waldorf sofa with antique finish bun feet. Seat and back cushions are reversible and you can see they all pattern match.

You can see the three seater sizes Waldorf sofa with a valance and cut with three seater cushions and three back cushions. As shown in the very top picture you can have the sofa made with two broader seat cushions and two broader back cushions if you wish. All cushions again perfectly pattern match and are self piped.

Grand sofa
Height: 92cm
Width: 244cm
Depth: 110cm

3 seater sofa (2 or 3 cushion version)
Height: 100cm
Width: 228cm
Depth: 98cm

2.5 seater sofa
Height: 100cm
Width: 209cm
Depth: 98cm

2 seater sofa
Height: 100cm
Width: 168cm
Depth: 98cm

Height: 100cm
Width: 111cm
Depth: 101cm

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