The Parker Knoll York chair and Parker Knoll York recliner have proved a real hit with customers over the past few years. It's a classic design which has been ignored by many of the current upholstery designers. The height of the back gives good support to the back of the head and the shoulders, and the reversible seat cushion has a well spring seat. Once you're seated on the Parker Knoll recliner chair you simply push backwards and the footplate unrolls from under the seat where its hidden when the chair is in the upright position. If you wish you can stay in the this semi reclined position, or you can push back further to move the recliner into the fully reclined position.

There are three different wood shades to be choosen from on the legs. These are teak, walnut & mahogany with a caster at the base of the front legs. There many different fabrics in the Parker Knoll swatches books for you to choose as well as many different leather coverings.

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The Parker Knoll York chair and Parker Knoll York recliner have proved a real hit with customer..

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