Sherborne Funiture is on show in both Leather & Fabric across our store. Models on show include the Comfi Sit, Keswick, Lynton, Norvik, Rembrandt, Lisbon, Malvern, Kensington, Claremont, Picasso, Ashford & Westminster to name but a few, however stocks vary across the year so please call us if there a particular model you are interested in seeing. The Sherborne range is always expanding and the company has developed recliner settee & chairs with manual actions, powered electric actions & now the cordless powered actions. Sherborne reclining sofas are some of the most sought after due to the smooth and easy mechanism that each side of the recliner settees have. All of the Sherborne suites & sofas are available in an extremely large selection of fabric & leather covers, and now the collection has been added to by the introduction of corner Sofas of varying sizes.

Widely known and respected, the distinctive label can now been seen on the largest ever selection of upholstery styles, from traditional Wing Chairs and settees, to the ultimate in relaxing, traditional and modern Reclining Chairs, Settees and matching Suites.

You can see the complete range of Sherborne Sofas, Settees, Chairs, Suites and Recliners at our special Sherborne Upholstery website All fabrics and leathers are shown on the site as well as our price for everything. Just click here to visit the site - Opens in a new window.